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Luba and Mike Karchevsky, Residence

Design and construction of our home was a very pleasant, fun and smooth
experience thanks to Meister Architects' staff and to Tim Cox in particular. He
helped fine tune our ideas, designed, drew on paper our home with close attention
to detail, as well as, assisted us in overseeing construction. Tim was very attentive
and always available to discuss our questions and concerns. We give Tim our
highest recommendation.

Louis Vogel III, Chief Executive Officer, The Middletown Home

Bill Meister is a trusted colleague and professional who has provided architectural services to The Middletown Home for many years. Bill’s integral leadership, counsel, and support have been invaluable to the strategic visioning of our campus. On behalf of our Board of Directors, I am incredibly grateful to Bill and the wonderful staff at Meister Architects.

Terry Derr, Owner, Lords & Ladies

I have worked with Meister Architects on numerous endeavors, including my personal home, vacation homes and along with our seven salon locations the experiences could not have been better!  Meister Architects are extremely knowledgeable, thorough and professional and are a pleasure to work alongside. They never fail to deliver excellence in the quality of their work and their expertise is evident in every project!  I would highly recommend them!

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