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Meister-Cox Architects can make your dream house a reality. Whether it's a quaint cottage, suburban dwelling or modern masterpiece, we will work with you to design your vision. Explore some examples of the wide variety of homes Meister-Cox Architects has created.

HorowitzMoonResidence 04retouched.jpg


Our firm's extensive work with various hotel franchises over the years comprises a large portion of our portfolio. Since 2006, we have designed 37 hotels, with 19 of those created in 2016 alone. Check out our examples to see why Meister-Cox Architects is a trusted name in hospitality design.


Our company has been involved in an array of commercial building designs, from banks and medical buildings, to retailers and car dealerships. Every project is tailored to meet the needs of each diverse client and always displays the creativity and craftsmanship that is Meister-Cox Architects.

AmityProfessionalBuilding 05retouched.jpg


Meister-Cox Architects has played a strong role in shaping the architectural landscape of many communities. Our involvement in planning public works ranges from schools to fire stations to municipal buildings and churches. See how Meister-Cox Architects can meet the needs of your community.


With Multi-Family Housing taking a greater share of the residential housing market, Meister-Cox Architects puts their experience to use designing housing with countless distinctive characteristics and concentrations to blend into the neighboring environment.  We will help you plan for efficient use of the land and provide insight into the core trends of multi-family house.

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