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Architectural rendering is a design tool that helps a client see a project realistically and visualize a project in ways that a two dimensional drawing cannot. What exactly is an architectural rendering?

Using a combination of Lumion and Revit, 3D modeling and rendering software, Meister-Cox Architects can create photorealistic imagery of a project. Progressive clients want to see what they are paying for, so allowing them to see the interior, exterior, and floor plans can be a game changer. A client can see a clear image of specific characteristics or the building as a whole. Images show how the project will truly look, with materials designed to match real world products. It provides the Architect and Client a shared understanding of the completed project. Renderings provide the client with something a sketch cannot.

Architectural renderings also provide an instrument to market a project. When an organization is looking to fund a project they can have 3D renderings prepared to show investors a finished product allowing them to see the building’s final aesthetics.

Please contact us to learn more about how 3D renderings will benefit your next project.


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